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Installing home irrigation systems is a job best left to professionals. Property measurements, slope calculations, and properly adjusting water pressures are just a few of the tasks involved with irrigation. Installations require more than just laying piping and securing spray heads. Professional landscapers know how to avoid gas lines and are aware of city codes and any restrictions regarding using city or well water. Before tackling a project of this magnitude, we suggest you contact us for a quote. You could end up spending more money fixing a do-it-yourself job than hiring a professional from the start. Below is an overview of the four most common irrigation systems we offer:

Spray Systems: These are the most popular form of irrigation for home lawns and gardens, and are perfect for small yard areas. The nozzles are easily changed to accommodate different spray positions, and the system in general requires little maintenance. Spray systems are also ideal for weak pressure systems. The spray can throw a continuous stream of water from zero to fifteen feet.

Rotary Systems: These systems are most frequently used for large areas and are commonly seen on athletic fields. Rotary systems throw one or more streams of water up to 100 feet. This system is ideal to cover large areas in which a high number of spray heads would be impractical. Despite the velocity of the water from the sprayer, rotary systems actually produce less water than spray systems. The same-sized area on a rotary system would have to be watered four times more frequently than with a spray system.

Flood Systems: These systems irrigate low to the ground. Bed sprays, bubblers and jet systems are different types of flood irrigation. Flood systems work well for plants, such as roses, that have adverse affects to damp foliage. Bubblers and jets are limited to the type of soil conditions in which they operate, for example sandy conditions would cause the water to sink on impact rather than spread throughout the garden. The type of water flow used by a flood systems is not effective for watering entire large lawns.

Micro-irrigation System: These systems generate a low volume of water. Typically these systems include drip, trickle and some spray heads. Micro-irrigation is ideal for small areas of plants whose foliage cannot be sprayed. The water supply drips or trickles from plastic tubing close to the root, never touching the plants’ leaves. One draw back to these systems is if they are not properly installed, the tubing can be visible and is easily destroyed by mowers, weed eaters, animals and children. The tubes are also known to break in freezing weather.

Please contact us for a consultation about the right system for your property and we will give you a quote too.

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